Zoey Monroe Get's Her Ass Destroyed And Filled Cum


Zoey Monroe has some fruits ready for harvest. Brunette with nice set of tits and ass shows off her body ready for harvest. James Deen is here to do the reaping. He comes closer to see and taste it on his own way. Against the glass window, he fondles her tits and rubs her pussy over her underwear. He inspects the passages he’ll be entering later. After he’s had enough, he made Zoey kneel down and let her take his dick to pleasure town. As she sucks and licks the cock, it was inevitable for her to occasionally choke and gag on it for obvious reasons. Zoey knows that James has to fuck her now. James slams her against the glass window and lubes up her asshole. He rough fucked that ass in his own pace. He eventually get the dick out and starts licking each other’s privates again. Zoey lies down after and he resumes fucking that ass. At this point, he increased his intensity on his fucking. Zoey’s face says it all. It’s part discomfort and part pleasure. He occasionally grabs her by the face to handle her. After being fucked while laying down, she stands up and 1 leg in the air while still being fucked hard. She also got to ride that dick when James decided to rest and sit for a while. She got a bit of control back until James gains a bit of strength back. She goes back on being on laying down and gets fucked sideways and other ways possible on that position. When James decided to end this, she was on her back. She goes sideways and James showered her asshole with cum. He scoops up some of the cum with his dick and creampies her ass. Zoey was nice enough to clean the dick afterwards.


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