Yhivi's Tiny Butthole Fucked Until She Cums


James Deen, Yhivi


Yhivi is at the top of the first level of the staircase. She wears a skin-toned one-piece swimsuit and a pair of white knee-high socks. She proudly shows off her cute butt cheeks to the camera . Using both of her hands with freshly painted nails, she grabs on her butt and drags them to the side, revealing her tiny butthole. She is obviously teasing anyone who is watching her. James Deen climbs up the stairs wearing a gray T-shirt and denim jeans until he reaches Yhivi. He hurriedly grabs her, stands behind her back and dry humps her. She is easily turned on that she almost moans loudly. He then pushes her to face the wall as he fingerfucks and tonguefucks her asshole. Yhivi is obviously craving for anal sex that she returns every dry hump and every movement in her butthole. Yhivi is now naked with her petite tits and hardened nipples exposed. James puts a belt around her neck. He uses it to make her move in whatever way he pleases. He turns her around, facing the wall, and slowly thrusts his big hard dick into her asshole for some ass fucking session. He humps her hard from behind as he takes off all of his clothes. With James now fully naked, Yhivi goes down on him and deepthroats his big cock until he is hard and ready from some ass pounding anal sex. He fucks her in standing position, driving her crazy. He would raise one of her legs every now and then to have more access to her asshole. James then surprises Yhivi by putting her on all fours. He slowly inserts his big hard cock inside her tight asshole and butt fucks her in the doggy-style position. The porn stars then continues on with their butt sex on the steps of the stairs in the reverse cowgirl position. The anal porn finishes as James Deen orgasms as he fucks Yhivi’s mouth.


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