Veruca James Wants Her Ass Broken


The scene opens with the camera focused on a pair of hot pink stilettos. As it changes its focus, a hot pink panties covered in a fishnet style dress is shown. Then slowly, Veruca James is shown wearing hot pink lingerie covered with blue fishnet styled top. She stands in the bar counter. James Deen walks in wearing a gray T-shirt and denim jeans. He walks up to Veruca, turns her around with her back on her chest. He dry humps her and fingerfucks her pussy and asshole until she is turned on. Since her pussy is already soaking wet, she returns the favor that James has given him. She kneels down on the wooden floor and takes his big dick into her mouth. She sucks his dick until he is ready for some deep anal sex. With both of them ready for rough anal sex, James slips her panties and rams his big hard cock into her tight asshole and humps her from behind in the standing position. The porn stars change sex positions. Veruca lies with her back on the chair as James uses her panties as a mouth gag as he thrusts his hardon into her butthole. He fucks him hard with him standing on the edge of the chair. He rubs and pinches her clit as he thrusts his dick in and out of her asshole. James then lifts her up, without pulling his dick out, and shifts into another ass pounding position. She is now sitting on his lap and is riding his big hard cock in the cowgirl position. They once again switch position and is now fucking each other in the doggy-style position. James Deen finish butt fucking her in the reverse cowgirl position until he is at his peak. He then fucks her mouth until he orgasms. Veruca James willingly opens her mouth to receive his warm cum.


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