Dellai Twins: Surf Side Butt Sluts


Irresistible babes Eveline Dellai and Silvia D are naughty lifeguards that can save anyone using their hot bodies. The two are on-patrol one fine day when they suddenly receive a distress call. As responsible lifeguards the two quickly responded to the call. They see a young stud floating on the waters. The girls rush to his rescue. Silvia performs CPR while Eveline checks for any sign of life. Eveline knows that the man is perfectly fine as indicated by his hard cock. Before Eveline can warn Silvia, the stud is already swapping spit with the horny lifeguard. Eveline is taken aback by the action, but there is nothing she could do now, so she decided to join the two. She whips out his cock and starts sucking with gusto. The two girls can't contain their lust any longer. They take off their uniform and start having a threesome with the man they just saved. Silvia and Eveline take turns sucking his hard cock. Silvia is the first one to ride the man. She bounces up and down on his cock. Eveline plays with her vagina while the guy is busy pounding a cock in her partner’s pussy. The man continues to fuck Silvia in different positions. He does not want to make Eveline feel left out. As such, he takes his cock and shoves it the other girl's tight asshole. The ass-to-pussy heavy fucking continues even after the girls cum all over his cock. The three do not care that they are in a public place. Lust has finally taken over their rational minds. The guy keeps on pounding his cock into the girls' asshole and pussy. The threeway fuckfest features different positions. When the guy feels like he is about to cum, he pulls out his dick and showers both girls with his warm cum.


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