Taylor Sands: Handles Both Of Her Bosses At Once


Taylor Sands


Having someone clean up your mess and house has always been a nice thing. Taylor Sands demonstrates this nice service by going an extra mile to properly show people how awesome it is. In this scene, she’s about to clean up her employer’s dicks to… you know, prove a point. Taylor was just going around the house and cleans what she deem dirty. Her employer eventually walks up to her and asks her to clean their dicks. This slut of a house maid is now sandwiched between two large dicked individuals and deep inside, she’s liking it. She starts giving them a handjob simultaneously. Taylor eventually drop down to her knees and starts hand jobbing and sucking on the dicks. After that, they dragged her to a nearby bed and bends her over. The two guys agreed to get territorial on her body. As one get busy with her mouth and face fucking her, the other gets busy on her fuck holes below the waist. The guy at the pussy duty is a BBC and starts fucking her hole she call a vagina. He starts pumping and owning this maid as his own. The two guys was nice enough to share her fuck holes after some point. They exchanged and took turns on giving her the dick in different points of her body. But this was not that peak yet. After getting busy with her pussy and mouth, the two agreed to give Taylor the double penetration that she was secretly wanting all along. The dudes gives her what she wants and goes at it until they can’t keep the cum in their dicks anymore. Taylor Sands drops down to her knees and starts giving the dicks the final treatment until she got showered with the cum she’s been working hard for. The two then made her mouth into a cu disposal. They jacked off their dicks as a wide-opened mouth is under their dicks waiting for their seed.


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