Tatiana Kush's Ass Double Penetrated in Public


Tatiana Kush is on a camping trip with her boyfriend. Under the heat of the morning sun, Tatiana meets two hot guys, John Strong, and Mr. Pete. Wanting to have some rough anal sex with her, the boys decided to tie her boyfriend and keep him inside the tent. But that they made sure that he is going to see everything that they’re to do with her and to her. With her boyfriend tucked in, the threesome begins. Tatiana kneels on the ground taking one cock after another, making sure that each one is getting the attention it deserves. She grabs the big dicks with both of her hands as she focuses on John’s cock. She licks and sucks the tip of his penis first before taking his full-length member inside her mouth. She then proceeds to give Mr. Pete a blowjob. Tatian sucks both dicks until both are hard and ready to fuck. Mr. Pete stands behind Tatiana as he slowly thrusts his big hard dick into her ass hole. He fucks her hard from behind, with their skin too hard slapping against each other. John, on the other hand, stands in front of her, gently fucking her mouth. The three then switch positions. Mr. Pete and Tatiana now lie down on the camping bed as John stands on the edge. Tatiana licks and sucks Mr. Pete’s cock as John fucks her gaping butt hole in the missionary position. The three then move to the grounds just a few steps away from the tent where her boyfriend is watching. Facing her boyfriend, John and Mr. Pete put Tatiana on all fours. The men are aiming for double penetration, wanting to show her boyfriend how to please a girl. John Strong thrusts his big hard cock inside Tatiana’s ass hole. Mr. Peter follows, slowly inserting his big dick into her butt hole, making sure that she can take both. She looks straight into her boyfriend’s eyes as the other guys fuck her from behind. John and Mr. Peter orgasm and release their warm cum into her mouth. Tatiana Kush swallows the warm juices as her boyfriend looks on.


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