Skin Diamond Fucked Like A Ragdoll


Skin Diamond is one hot chick who usually wants to be fucked hard. With her natural curves, great ass and natural smile, you would easily get turned on. As she enters the room wearing her sexy one piece attire which compliments her curves, and hot tattoos, she starts showing her flirty moves. She moves her body, flaunts how flexible she can be, and shows some of her twerk moves. She bends her body over the counter to make the scene hotter and sexier. It gets more intense when she started wiggling her but using her hands and showing her holes as if asking someone to take her from behind. Then along came this tall, handsome man, James Deen who willingly does everything to please Skin Diamond and grant her wishes. James and Skin me in Paris. She was recounting the story of how they met while James plays with her private part. With moans in between her story, she tells James about how he fucked her on camera for the first time. They were reminding each other how hot they could get and how they felt the urge to do something wild. He continuously plays with her pussy and spanks it which makes it more intense because it’s what she’s asking for. Skin started squirting the first time and still continues to moan as James lays him down to the floor and starts kissing her. Bent over the counter, he starts licking her pussy and ass while she keeps moaning. He takes his shoes off, then she plays with his cock and starts taking his pants off to gain full access of his big dick. She sucked it so hard that it made him beg for more. They fuck each other on the couch with Skin Diamond on top of James Deen where she squirted for the second time. She stands, and walks around the room modeling for him. She then sits on a chair and shows James how she plays with herself while she begs him to fuck her even harder. He does what she’s begging for him to do, fuck her ass real hard. After a hard fuck in the ass, she starts giving him a blowjob again before making their way to the sofa where he she fucks her hard on the ass again doing the doggy-style. They change position after, fuck each other’s brains out until they’re about to cum. She begs James to cum on her face, however, James Deen was so clever that he cums on the center glass table and asks her to lick it instead.


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