Luna Lovely Submissive Tattooed Anal Lover


There are many times in human history that will tell you that you can’t take a person’s potential by just looking at their body size. Looking at Luna Lovely here, she would maybe show you what that statement means. Having her petite sexy body pitting up against James’ Deen big dick is a solid example. Luna will demonstrate her capabilities. But first, James introduces himself by running his hands on her body. Started off by light fondling and kissing, James’ roughness slowly shows. He places his hand over her neck from time to time. Luna gets slowly undressed, revealing her lusty body. James bends her over to say hello to her pussy and ass hole. James pulls out his dick afterwards. Luna gets the privilege lick and sucks his fat dick. Slurping and gagging noises surrounds the room. James sits down on the couch and let Luna have her first move. Luna goes on top and inserts his dick into her cunt. James eventually takes the control and pinned her on the floor while grabbing her by the neck, slapping and spitting on her face. After some time, James bends Luna over the couch. He slowly penetrates her ass hole but gradually gets into momentum and fucks her hard in matter of seconds. James sits down on the couch again and places her on top of him to still, fuck her ass. James eventually slams her in the couch and just shifts her legs while pounding her. Afterwards, James lies beside Luna to fuck her sideways. Luna sneaks a little rubbing occasionally. In the final act, James made Luna go on all fours and starts pounding with all his strength. This made him go into his climax and showered his cum all over her mouth. Luna swallowed all of it to not make a mess.


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