Kira Noir, Anna Deville, and Sheena Rose Gaped and Fucked Deep


For some unknown reason, Kira Noir is all tied up while two chicks, Anna Deville and Sheena Rose plays with her sweet body. Even though she can’t, Kira is not showing any sign of resistance. Now if you’re not too fixated on the chick’s body, you’ll see a voyeur in the distance watching what’s happening from the distance. It’s James Deen. He watches over the ladies minding their own business. But apparently, it’s not enough. He comes over to join the fun. Kira’s captor didn’t mind at all. They look like they were expecting him though. How ‘bout that? The captors, Anna and Sheena get it on with James. While James gorges himself with ladies, Kira, already turned on, just watches in the distance. James’ gift is handling women, no matter the number. While he kisses and finger fucks Sheena, he lets Anne suck his dick from below. But eventually they just both after his dick. He laid out his dick after and fucks Anne first and Sheena doing her best to go in between them. Sheena take cares of James dick if its out and if it’s not, she just licks Anna’s asshole. It’s a good rotation. They took turns on getting fucked from behind. They girls stacked together to get fucked. James just changes his position and the girl he’s fucking. From fucking from behind, on all fours or on their backs— James covered it all. It’s a difficult position to be in but he made sure that both girls have their pussies pounded with passion. This is good and all but are we forgetting something? Yes. Kira is still tied up in the corner. She yells out that she wants to be fucked too. Willing cunts like these are not forgotten and unfucked. James comes over and play with her. Basically, she gets the same treatment with the same ladies from before but this time, James goes for her ass. Kira gets her asshole wrecked by James. This transpired while Anne and Sheena watches in the distance while rubbing their own left out pussies. James ended this carnival by spreading his seed all across Kira’s body and let the two ladies lick her body clean. The end has a little bit of lesbian action going on with the three.


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