Kendra Spade Welcome Home Anal


All-natural Asian teen Kendra Spade sits quietly on the stairs. She is wearing brown onesie and denim shorts. Kendra receives a notification alarm on her phone, letting her know that it is finally time for her dream to come true. She slowly removes all her clothes, teasing the camera as she takes it off one by one. Kendra is leaving behind a trail of garments. She rubs her pussy in anticipation of what is to come. James Deen enters the house. He follows the trail of clothes, leading him to a completely naked petite slut. Kendra spreads her asshole and pussy for James. She teases him with her holes and a naughty smile. James can’t say no to the wonderful invitation. He approaches Kendra and starts with the rough play immediately. Her black panties are used to choke her while he slaps her breasts and rubs her pussy. Her mouth is filled with his hand. Kendra gags as James fits his whole hand into her mouth. He wipes her spit all over her face. She gets down on her knees to suck his big white cock. James grabs her by the hair then shoves her face against his crotch. His dick reaches the back of her throat, making her gag loudly. He slaps her pretty face with his slimy cock. Her spit is all over her face. James pushes her against the wall. He sticks his cock into her bushy pussy. Kendra can’t do anything but moan loudly as James fucks her from behind. He rubs her clit aggressively while pounding her pussy hard. Kendra shivers as she cum on his cock. James turns his attention to her tight asshole. He sticks his dick inside her asshole. It takes a few thrusts before his cock is completely inside her cute butt hole. The two fuck in the doggystyle position for a while, before shifting to reverse cowgirl. She spreads her legs apart to make her bushy pussy more visible to the camera. Kendra screams loudly as James continues to destroy her ass. Her perky tits bounce wildly with every thrust. They change to the missionary position. Kendra plays with her pussy while James is busy with her asshole. Her tiny butt hole gapes widely every time James pulls out his cock. He keeps on fucking her ass until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his dick then strokes it in front of her. Kendra spreads her mouth using her hands. He shoots his cum on her stretched-out mouth. Kendra swallows all the semen, not wanting to waste a single drop.


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