Kelsi Lynn Tattooed Anal Fuck Doll


A good amount of people believe that women are ‘delicate creatures’ and should be handled like a fragile glass. But some people just prove them every single day. Like Kelsi Lynn here. She looks like a flower in a spring time meadow. Kelsi walks around the room with that kind of air around her with a butt plug embedded in her ass, of course. But every bit of your impression might break when James Deen enters the scene. He comes in hard-cocked and guns blazing. You know what happens when he walks in— the very being of the woman he’s with becomes a fuck storm. He starts handling Kelsi roughly even at the start. As he occasionally grab Kelsi by the neck, he fondles her cute tits and undresses her from the bottom. Once he had an access, he ate her out a little bit before moving on to his dick. Kelsi kneels and sucks on his big dick. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete if James didn’t get rough on her and let her gag on it. When he’s done, he prepares her asshole her asshole for a good pounding. Kelsi stands up, he lifts up one of her legs and starts fucking her right then and there. He hugs her so she stay in place. James eventually bent her over against the wall and starts licking her ass hole again then he continued plowing her ass in the same position. Even men like James get tired. So he sits down on the floor and let her bounce up and down on that dick. James spreads her legs while on the same position to give a great view on her pussy and ass being fucked. When he’s done on that, he lets Kelsi lie on her back. She raises her legs in the air while still being drilled hard. The last position they did was Kelsi being on all fours. Her widened asshole looks really great in this position. When he’s done with his final pounding, he came inside Kelsi’s ass to reward her from the hard work.


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