Joseline Kelly Anal Slave For BBC


For Joseline Kelly, nice mornings are defined by chirping birds, crisp cold air, quietness and being fucked by big black dick. All of those are checked out except for the last one, good thing Prince Yahshua with superior big dick energy is there to save Joseline’s day. Joseline is in the bed in her littlest clothing. Her porcelain skin and petite body looks like breakfast in bed. That’s what Prince sees when he come over and examines Joseline. She is on her stomach. She puts out her butt a little bit to reveal her bare pussy for Prince to see. Being a good gentleman, Prince eats that pussy like a pie eating contest. But that is not his primary objective; he goes on top her and starts screwing her cute asshole. He pounds that petite girl to the ground. The whole figure looks like the direct opposite of the word ‘mercy’. But that is not entirely true; he backs down a bit and left Joseline alone. She just lay there with a big satisfied on her face. This transitions to whole other thing though. The next one starts with Joseline sitting on a chair naked and Prince approaches. He let that teen-looking girl choke with monster-looking cock. Joseline gags for few times like a sign of approval. He drags Joseline on the sink in the bathroom and went all the way. He continued his service on her asshole and bent her over the sink. She is now looking at her reflection being fucked hard by a huge guy. He transitions into another way of fucking her. He lies on the floor and let Joseline ride her dick. This time, no satisfied smile from Joseline. Just screams out of pain and pleasure as a result of the dick penetrating her ass balls-deep. Prince finishes Joseline’s morning routine by slamming her on the couch for a final spurt of ass fucking. He wrecked that ass and lets out his creamy cum into her mouth.


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