Jojo Kiss Anal Schoolgirl Slave


Pretty babe Jojo Kiss is sitting stiffly in a chair when Markus Dupree slowly approaches her from behind. Jojo is wearing a gray shirt and schoolgirl skirt while Markus is wearing a white shirt and tattered jeans. Markus runs his fingers throughout her voluptuous body. He starts by fondling her huge breasts then feeling her young lips. Markus tries to fit his hand into her tiny mouth. Jojo gags lightly as Markus plays with her throat. He pushes her then pulls down her dress. His hands are busy humiliating her pretty face while his mouth is suckling on her ample bosom. Markus chokes her before spreading her mouth with both of his hands. He pulls her clothes and uses it as a form of gag. Jojo stays perfectly still as Markus does whatever he likes with her body. He flips her skirt then pulled up her black panties. Her plump pussy sucks in her panties. Markus pulls on it harder to make it press tightly against her clitoris. Markus brings out a vibrator. He uses it to stimulate her clitoris. When he can’t hold in his arousal any longer, Markus removes her panties and starts fingering her tight asshole. Markus stuffs his huge dick into her cute butt hole. He pounds her ass hard in a missionary position. Jojo rubs her pussy as his dick digs deeper and deeper into her anal cavity. Her sweet moans fill up the room. They fuck in missionary position for a while before shifting to doggytyle. Markus keeps on thrusting his cock into her asshole. His thrusts are becoming faster and deeper. Her ass gapes widely every time he pulls out his dick. The two of them fucks throughout the room. Markus brutally destroyed her small asshole in different positions. When he feels like he is about to cum, he pulled out his cock from her cunt. He lets her deepthroat it before he strokes his dick himself. Markus pushes her head to the table. He showers her pretty face with his cum. Jojo sips the excess cum on the table. She swallows it all, not wanting to waste a single drop of her master’s semen.


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