Jillian Janson Punished With A Rough Anal Pounding


For whatever reason, Jillian Janson has been bad and needs some form of punishment. Tommy pistol, the ‘master’, thought it’s a good idea to do it in the shower because… why not? Since everything is gonna be wild wet in few minutes, why not do it all the way? Tommy starts this off by making her stand on the shower naked. She did this without any sign of resistance. The punishment starts with him inspecting her body and eventually playing with it. His hands travels from few nice places and end up in her pussy. He plays with it for a bit until he felt it was time to introduce Jillian to his ‘punishment stick’. She kneels before it and he shoves his fat cock into her mouth as if he was trying to reach the deepest possible point for him to reach. Naturally, Jillian makes some noise in a form of slurping and gagging. After a while, Tommy now says hello properly to the hole he’s about to fuck. He played with her pussy but mainly her ass hole. Those twitchy holes get some nice treatment before being treated with punishment stick. When he was ready, he bent her over and starts wrecking Jillian’s ass. Jillian raises one leg to make it easier for her but that didn’t help much since Tommy is packing a quite big package. They kept this standing position and just dragging Jillian around the shower. At some point, they transitioned into a new position. Tommy sits down somewhere and Jillian followed him and does the same thing except she’s sitting down on his cock. They went wild at that time until he felt he was ready to cum. He dragged Jillian for one last time and made her lie down on the counter. He fucks Jillian with everything he had until he finally can’t take it anymore. Jillian kneels down and opens her mouth. With her tongue out, she welcomes a load of cum and swallowing all of it.


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