Jade Jantzen Begs To Be ANALIZED


Jade Jantzen, James Deen


It’s awesome when ANALIZED invites some famous actress to have their ass handed over to them, or rather handed to us. But it’s a different story if someone begged to be ANALIZED, like Jade Jentzen here. A teen with a really nice tits and great ass actually wanted to be ANALIZED and she wants it hard. Even at the start, it was hot and spicy. Jade is already on her stomach waiting for her fuckmate to arrive at the scene. It was actually James Deen. When he arrived, without any second thoughts, he proceeds to bury his face in her ass. James gives her holes some good licking before the actual ass fucking. When they thought that they are now ready, he stands up and sticks his dick straight into her ass. He fucked that hole as a greeting before he gets rough in the following minute. After that, Jade gets up and sucks on his dick to properly wet it before continuing on fucking her ass. She then stops and lies on her back to continue the hard fucking. James now starts handling Jade with some roughness by grabbing her by the neck. He eventually lie beside Jade to fuck her sideways. After that, he made Jade go on top. She takes all of it while bouncing around to make the dick reach the deepest parts of her ass. James then made her change position afterwards. Jade goes on all fours and James fucked her ass in this position again but rougher than before. Jade flip herself over eventually. At this point, James was ready to finish. When he did, he made Jade kneel down and shower his cum all over her mouth, which she swallowed with whole of her heart. Even after all that hard fucking, no regret is shown on her face.


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