Indigo Augustine and Keira Nicole - Curious About Anal


What would you feel if one day, you’re just having a casual stroll and see your neighbor fucking a woman throat and balls deep? A, you will just ignore and wish them the best? B, watch a little bit and talk about having them get some curtains next time you see them? Or C, watch and touch yourself? Keira Nicole here chose to do the latter while hiding behind a thin ass tree. An A+ plus decision making, if you ask us. The scene at the distance displays James Deen making Indigo Augustine’s body an eat-all-you-can suck and fuck promo. He licks every vital part of Indigo and eventually making her do the same to his dick. As Indigo lies on her back on the couch, her shaved pussy gets wrecked by a big dick. Her legs in the air can be a great measurement of how hard she is being fucked as the legs wiggle on every thrust. He does the same when he flips her over to fuck her from behind. This goes on for a while until he lubes up and starts fucking her ass. After some ‘light’ introductions, he sits on the couch and made her ride the dick using her asshole. As Indigo’s eyes wander while being fucked senseless, she sees Keira in the distance rubbing her pussy so hard that she’s practically shaking. Indigo invites her in. She had no reason to refuse. She gets in and just joins the fucking in her own way. Keira licks Indigo’s pussy while still being penetrated by James’ dick. Eventually, they both get to suck on his dick and get that same dick into her pussy. Keira gets the same treatment like Indigo had; only this time, Indigo goes in the sidelines to help them every chance she gets. Helping, in a way that she gets to suck the dick whenever it gets out. They took turns on being fucked by one dick. One can just watch while the other gets dick. In the end, the somehow ended up outside beside the pool. He finished up on Keira’s face making her face riddled with cum.


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