Chloe Cherry Filthy Desert Whore


Why does a teen slut walks around a desert half naked? For the glory of fucking, of course! Chloe Cherry goes for a little stroll in the desert in her sexy underwear until a lad named Tommy Pistol see this chick ready for a little fuck session. He comes over and starts fondling every fine parts of Chloe. He grabs that petite tits and rubs that exposed pussy. Tommy here knows that Chloe can take a little pounding in the ass so he plays with cute little but of hers to get it wet and ready. But he needs to get ready, too. He made Chloe kneel and let wet every length of his dick. He tries to let her choke on it for a bit and succeeds. Chloe’s mouth there gets overwhelmed and the spit just naturally overflows out her mouth. After a bit, Tommy knows that everything’s set. He bends over Chloe and penetrates that ass. Since this is a desert, there’s no comfortable place in sight to fuck her hard. So he just fucked her ass from behind while standing. Chloe’s intense eye contact almost made everyone watching forgot about this. Despite the efforts to make this desert-themed fucking to work, they can’t do this forever. He goes over to his pickup truck and uses the back part of it for Chloe to rest in. Of course, he never stops fucking that ass in the process. For his final efforts, Chloe is now sitting on the back of the pickup truck with her asshole still being fucked relentlessly. Tommy is now ready for the taking, or rather, cumming. Chloe kneels in front him to beg for his seed. Tommy’s dick spits out a hot cum for her to swallow. Having the name Tommy Pistol, we can assume that he is not a pistol himself, but rather a metaphorical object that instead of firing bullets, he fires cum.


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