Cameron Canada Cleaned And Destroyed


Cameron Canada strips off her black bikini, leaving only a necklace on before entering the shower room, her tattoos exposed. She turns the shower on and starts bathing after a hot sweaty day outside. James Deen comes inside after watching her having fun touching herself. James and Cameron kiss each other on the lips before he turns her around, facing the glass shower walls. He kneels on the tiled floor, with her upper body bent down for him to have access to her ass hole. He licks it with his warm tongue. Cameron returns the favor as he stands up, deepthroating his big hard dick until it becomes hard and ready to fuck. James and Cameron now begin fucking. She lays down on the tiled bench with her legs spread widely. James, on the other hand, stands in front of her, his big hard cock is right in the entrance of her asshole. He teases him a bit before ramming his hardon into her butt hole for some butt sex. After turning the shower off, the anal porn stars dry themselves off and move to the toilet. Closing the toilet lid, Cameron hops on top of the toilet bowl proudly showing off her pink pussy and asshole to the camera. James approaches holding his dick by the hand and gently thrusting it inside her asshole. James pulls out and they switch sex positions to continue their ass pounding sex. James now lies on the toilet floor as Cameron hops on top of him gently guiding his dick inside her ass hole. She rides him in the reverse cowgirl position driving both of them crazy. Without pulling out, James lifts both of her legs up and puts them together. He loves how her butt hole wraps around his big hard dick. James Deen, about to orgasm, decides to fuck her mouth. He stands while Cameron kneels on the floor, sucking his dick until he orgasms. Cameron Canada takes his cum inside her mouth and swallows.


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