Felicity Feline Roadside Anal Romance


Felicity Feline puts on a sexy see-through top and goes for a quick bike ride, hoping her naughty curves will attract the attention she's been needing. Our main stud, Chris Strokes, pulls up in a white car offering some assistance to this scantily clad babe, who seems a little lost. She follows him back to his place and starts off this hardcore fuck session by making herself comfortable. She takes off her panties, opening up her perfect ass and showing off her tight asshole. Chris spreads her sexy round ass open and can't help but push his tongue deep inside her. Felicity takes the massive hard cock and puts as much as she can in her mouth. She's never seen a cock so big and keeps choking on it. She wants to be his little slut and licks every part of him. Chris face fucks her then aggressively grabs her by the hair. He takes that tight pink pussy and makes her ride him cowgirl. She wants every hole filled with dick. He starts fucking her perfect big ass and stretching her hole. He takes her from behind and delivers a hardcore anal fucking. Chris wants to see his dirty fuck toy crawl around with a tail butt plug inserted into her stretched out asshole. Felicity is oiled up and begging for more. Her hole is gaped open and Chris inserts his massive cock into her ass while Felicity moans with pleasure. It's all so wet and hot. She wants to taste her ass on his dick and her mouth gushes slobber. He fucks her throat and her moans are barely heard from the deep throat fucking. Chris spits all over his fuck toy. Felicity wants that cum and there's nothing better than watching that big ass bounce on his cock. Chris pushes deep inside and pounds her perfect ass over and over until he is ready to deposit a huge creampie up her tight anal cavity. But it doesn't stop there. Chris can't get enough of this girl's pink, sexy, stretched holes and fucks her wet pussy as hot white cum drips out of her gaping asshole. Felicity is oiled up and won't stop until Chris cums again. He's here to satisfy her and dumps his sticky white load on her wanting face. She loves it and we watch her lick her beautiful luscious lips covered in hot cum.


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