Alice March's Butthole Punished


Alice March invites James Deen over to get her tight little ass filled. But James didn’t come over to just have a mere anal action. He brought his A-game rough fucking for Alice. He is not known for being nice when it comes to fucking. James introduced himself with some ‘light’ greetings like some playful choking or spanking. Alice is not new to this kind of pleasantries, so she just accepted everything without any sign of contradiction. Her pale skin just gets a little pink after some spanking from James. Now that the due greetings are over, he just went straight for her cute little donut of an asshole. That tight pink asshole just stretches open while his big dick penetrates it forcefully. She just let out a little moan as this big dick goes inside her. She liked it at some extent, it is evident on her face. She’s used to getting a little dicking in her ass. That gave James a clear sign that he can do whatever he want with Alice. Her great ass is for him to destroy with the method he knows best. He drags her around the room to fuck every angle of Alice’ insides. From behind, while carrying like princess, while riding him, sideways or even at her back— James fucked that ass with every possible he could think of. He just gave her a consolation of letting her suck on his dick. But knowing him, sucking is not necessarily true because every woman gags on it. He rewarded Alice’s great performance with a cum all over her face. She even take nice little swallow to keep it from going anywhere else. That shaved pussy is not in the spotlight right now. Sadly, it won’t receive some action at this sequence. It will just be a nice background of a cock pounding an asshole.


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