Black Angelica Gets Her Little Asshole Stretched Out By Two Big Dudes


Black Angelica


Life is very unpredictable for our beauty Black Angelica. One time she and her partner are simply hanging out in the yard and then suddenly she finds herself sandwiched between not one but two huge dicks, sucking the life force out of them till they showered her with their seeds. Black Angelica is all too familiar with this. This is just the beginning of what she'll do in this scene. Angelica and her guy friend have a guest over after he calls them. They are caught in the middle of fucking from the get-go, and their motives are quite clear. Angelica is having a conversation with the males, and shortly thereafter, they start grabbing for her privates. Angelica watches as they undress and run their hands over her lovely tits before showing their enormous dicks. In a matter of seconds, their fat cocks have her on the floor. She slurps and handjobs them thoroughly. They dragged her to the chair and knelt over her. The other one goes into her pants while the first one is face fucking her, and then he pumps her fuck hole with big dick energy. They had Angelica into many different positions and maintained their routine for taking turns in her tight puss. While one was in her ass, the other controlled her mouth. This led to them exploring her in all directions and, if necessary, turning her over. Lucky girl Angelica had a proper cum multiple times in this fuck fest. After being sprayed by one of their cocks, she even reached over to take a sip.


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