Keira Nicole

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Keira Nicole is a natural beauty who is enamored with sex and constantly looking to expand her horizons. Everything turns her on. Big dicks, tight pussies, natural tits. She loves to suck and fuck and is not discriminating about who her partners are and what goes on her tongue, she is quite versatile. <br/><br/>Keira was born on October 30th, 1996, she is of English, Irish and German ancestry, and was born somewhere in the state of California. Keira stands at 5 feet 9 inches, weighs roughly 125 pounds, and measures in at 34B-31-34. Keira decided to be in porn in 2014, right when she turned 18, and she has admitted that there were two reasons for doing so: a) like many, she needed the money, and b) porn has some very attractive dudes that you get to fuck. She has been in the industry for some time now and has loved every moment of it, she does not care that people have judged her for it because she is the one living it and it does not pertain to them; it is her right to do whatever she likes and that is porn. What she did not expect from porn is all the love she gets from her fans, she loves them and their admiring words, and the way that they defend her if someone bad talks her.<br/><br/>Outside of her porn life, Keira likes to relax by reading a good book, listening to some good music whether it be in her living room or live at a concert, going on long walks, shopping, watching movies, cuddling her adorable cat, and being at the beach. Generally, she enjoys being outdoors, she often hikes when she gets the chance. Keira has stated that one of her idols is the actress Keira Knightly, which would explain part of her name. Once she decides to leave the adult film industry she plans on traveling.<br/><br/>Make sure to check out Keira Nicole’s scenes at!<br/>

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Keira Nicole

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Models: Indigo Augustine, James Deen, Keira Nicole
69 minutes